Primary school Jílové u Prahy – Czech republic –


Primary school Jílové u Prahy   is a fully organized school with the capacity for 560 pupils. Actually 455 pupils attend the school. 20 classes, after-school club, school dub and school cafeteria complet the school. Since 2010 the school has an Ecoschool title,  since 2013 Ethik school title. 23 courses, sports zone, school garden with the trail „Trees in the town“,  School arboretum and mini – ZOO are attend on pupils´ educational and after-school activities. 

Every year pupils participate in Garden party, Advent project, Earth Day, patronage, creating of school magazine and educational tours. The school took part in ECF projects: Schoul without obstacles, KOKOS – cooperation and Competitiveness – DVPP, CPIV – Support Centres for Inclusive Education, PTAČ – Cross-Sectional Topics and Reading, Alphabeth, Schoul for the Future, JAS – Languages in Context.

About 30 pupils have diagnosed  mostly combined learning disabilities (dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia), speech disorder, autism, behvioural and attention deficit disorder. According to it the school  takes part in a projekt School without obstacles: using the method of reading with colou-foil sheets, solution of problems by „Balint group“, communication with parents of pupils with disorders, utilizing ICT in educating teachers – eLearning, engagement of teachers in verifying and prompting educational materials, taking part in Workshop „Methods and techiques of work with families of children with behavioural disorders“.

Student counsellor, School psychologist, Prevention coordinator, Teacher assistant, cooperation with different specialists – speech therapist, psychologists, psychiatrists, child behavioural specialist, Police,K-center and lawyers are involved in our work with pupils with specific disorders.