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People Help the People

The aim of People Help the People is to create opportunities for cooperation and partnership between the EU countries and the Mediterranean, weaving a dense network of intercultural exchange that allows to export best practices from one country to other, in pursuit of greater integration between peoples. Integration that represents not only an increase in terms of purely human but also a lever for economic development and social redemption. And Sicily, the ideological basis of this network, plays a symbolic and strategic together, placed as it is in a privileged geographical position, in the center of the Mediterranean, has had a tradition of thousands of years of foreign domination that have made it the crossroads of civilization, a place of experimentation and integration of peoples.

All activities of the Association are directed to the achievement of the goals of social solidarity and cultural promotion, actions and activities aimed primarily at disadvantaged or under conditions of social vulnerability, in the fields of education, health, social services, environmental protection, with the involvement of public authorities (European Union, Countries of the Mediterranean basin, the Italian state, Regions and Municipalities) and private entities.