Accord International - Czech Republic - - Project Coordinator

Accord International

Accord International s.r.o. was established in 2010 in Prague. The company has two main divisions - consultancy division and IT division. Accord International experts are involved in international networks of key players in the area of education, culture, design, IPR and technology and as such can contribute to development in this area.

Accord International s.r.o. co-operates with Czech primary and secondary schools introducing new teaching methods using ICT, multimedia, 3D, gaming technology, etc. Thanks to its expertise both in IT and education, Accord International s.r.o. enhances use of ICT in Czech curriculum by developing and deploying projects focused on edutainment. This is very well implemented for instance in environmental education which became an important part of Czech educational system.

Consultancy division of Accord International s.r.o. provides complex services in different sectors. It brings together consultants and project managers covering professionally the fields of education, culture, ICT, support to SMEs, regional development, sustainable development, social policies, enhancement of active employment policy, social integration and others.