iSmart Piloting in CzechAt the beginning of the 2015/2016 scholastic year the elementary school "Jílové u Prahy" started with the iSmart pilot preparation. We have chosen a class from the sixth year. For this piloting, personal accounts for students were created to be able to access to the iSmart platform. We contacted the students's parents and the teachers to collaborate on the assessment of benefits of such new platform.

Our school purchased new electrical equipment from the financial resources of iSmart project – two white Smartboards and tablets. Interactive whiteboards were situated in two classrooms where the pilot will be taking place.

The new iSmart application is to be installed on tablets that will be used by students with special learning disabilities. The other students of the pilot class will also have possibility to use all options of application. For example possibility of voice recording, downloading teachers’ presentations from white boards to personal electronic devices, monitoring tasks and evaluation of homework, downloading of eBooks and materials and using the other options in the application. 

New iSmart application will be used in five lessons a week (mainly in subjects: Czech language and Mathematics). Electronic connection between whiteboard and tablet should help students at faster recording of subject matter. Subsequently at home, students will have the opportunity to go over the day again and remember what have happened in the classroom.

From this piloting of the new iSmart application, we will be getting feedback from students, parents and teachers. They will be evaluating usefulness and functionality of the tool. There will also be analysing the benefits of using electronic devices not only for students with special learning disabilities, but for others students as well. Modern technologies are an essential part of our daily life and we believe that our school will contribute further to the development of the student with the use of such modern technology.