iSmart Piloting in CzechAt the beginning of the 2015/2016 scholastic year the elementary school "Jílové u Prahy" started with the iSmart pilot preparation. We have chosen a class from the sixth year. For this piloting, personal accounts for students were created to be able to access to the iSmart platform. We contacted the students's parents and the teachers to collaborate on the assessment of benefits of such new platform.

Our school purchased new electrical equipment from the financial resources of iSmart project – two white Smartboards and tablets. Interactive whiteboards were situated in two classrooms where the pilot will be taking place.

Italy"The term screening refers to detection methodology which is able to predict a disorder based on the presence of a selected critical sign (predictive test) ...

Screening doesn‘t pretend to highlight a disorder unequivocally, but to identify, with a good level of trust, people at risk for a particular disorder.

This does not involve carrying out a diagnosis, but rather to point out a diagnostic study on a population that has some characterizing indices. To be effective, the screening test should be simple, rapid to administer and cheap, both in terms of instruments and resources." 

(A. Paoletti, G. Stella, "Indici qualitativi di rischio negli screening sui disturbi specifici di apprendimento", "Dislessia", vol. I, gennaio 2008).

According to Mental Disorders Diagnostic System of American Psychiatric Association (1994), dyslexia is defined as a Reading Disorder in Learning Disorders.

Dyslexia has become a commonly used term in the definition of learning disabilities in the world because it is the most common type. It is of special importance to use the term ‘dyslexia’ instead of ‘learning disorder’ in our country.

The phrase ‘Learning Disorder’ is often interpreted as ‘Mental Retardation’ by both parents and educators.